Loans for 36 and 48 installments – is it worth borrowing for a long time?

Taking a quick internet payday loan is extremely easy, which means that many people resort to solving financial problems with this financial product. A broken car or any other household appliance is spending several thousand zlotys, i.e. amounts that payday loans can be fully covered by then. Sometimes, however, there may be concerns that a payday payday may be risky, you may not be able to pay it back on time, or you just need more money.

A very long-term loan

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Most non-bank institutions offer installment loans with a repayment period of usually 12 or 24 months. This offer seems to be the most optimal, the more that it usually goes hand in hand with the same amount of loan, so the monthly installment will not be high. A very long repayment period occurs in those companies that can offer more than USD 10,000. However, nothing prevents you to borrow a lower amount and pay it back over a longer period, but with a much lower installment.

Loans for three or four years – disadvantages


A long-term financial commitment may not be too burdensome for your monthly budget, but in the long run it can be a hassle. This is a long-term reduction in creditworthiness and an obstacle if you want to take out a loan or buy something in installments. In addition, with such a long commitment, it will be harder to predict how the loan will be repaid. There can always be something that disrupts the repayment and results in one or more installments being not repaid.

From there

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There is a simple way to expose yourself to the termination of the loan agreement and debt collection proceedings. On the other hand, loans for such a long period means greater psychological comfort and the fact that even these higher costs can be easily included in the monthly expenses, without drastic sacrifices.

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